Hosting Documentation:
Here is some very basic documentation to help you get going. Send any specific questions to us.

Uploading Your Website
You need an FTP or SCP/SFTP Client to upload your website to the server. For Windows, we recommend WinSCP, for Mac, we recommend Fetch.
In your FTP Client, set up a new connection with the following info:

Save your settings and connect using this setup. Change to the public_html directory. Upload your files from your computer to the server. That should do it!

Bit Box Webmail is available at

Upgrade to hosted google email!
If you'd like for us to help you setup a hosted email account with google let us know. Google offers hosted email, ie:, for a small fee. If you've used gmail before, the interface is the same. See google for more info

You can view your sites webstats by going to
Use the same login/password that you use to upload your website files.

If you have already registered your domain name with a third party, you can point it to us by modifying your Authoritative DNS Servers to be:

If you registered your domain with us, we have already taken care of this for you! Yay!